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Sublime - What I Got
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Sublime | What I Got

A Tribute to Overcrowded Penalty Boxes


They’re just funny to see…not making fun of the teams because they are all awesome...but penalty boxes with like 12 guys just look like clown cars…

Bear's Den - Pompeii
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Pompeii - Bear’s Den
Oh please, just don’t cry
Hold your head up high
She would want you to

Reppin’ Houlimania by Neil in honor of the anniversary of Apollo 11 today.  Picture taker: @rachasaurousrex

Reppin’ Houlimania by Neil in honor of the anniversary of Apollo 11 today.
Picture taker: @rachasaurousrex

New Found Glory - Black and Blue
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How can you say that you love me?
When the world around you is changing
How can you say that you love me?
When it’s only eleven-thirty

"…we all wanted to create something that wasn’t flaunting our own department or our own artistic sides…It feels like when people connect with this movie, they are connecting for the reason of like everybody’s combined passion for it, which is cool and for me personally this journey has been, because of the conversations that I’ve been able to have, it feels like the movie creates an environment that makes people want to have somewhat personal conversations afterwards. That’s been really touching and moving for me." - Destin Daniel Cretton (x)


Bear’s Den - ‘Elysium’ (official music video)

Bear’s Den have unveiled the video for their new single ‘Elysium’ released July 21st via Communion/Caroline. At the start of June 2014, filmmaker Marcus Haney arrived in Seattle to film his brother’s friends at the end of term time. A friend of Bear’s Den and a frequent collaborator with their label Communion, Marcus had gone with the intention of making a clip for the band’s track Elysium with the blessing of the film’s subjects. During Marcus’ four days filming, a lone gunman – Aaron Ybarra – attacked the University campus where Marcus’ brother and friends lived. The ‘Elysium’ film reflects the group’s actions over the course of those four days. Despite – or perhaps because of – difficult circumstances, each participant elected to continue filming as events unfolded. There are no actors involved in the video; events are portrayed as they happened. 


Fall Out Boy - Sophomore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year
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ashamed of the way the songs and the words own the beating of our hearts